Checkbox Columns

December 1, 2010

If you need to add a checkbox column to an SLX LAN datagrid, here are the steps (after you’ve already set up the grid’s SQL/Layout properties):

  1. On the grid’s Properties page, clear the ReadOnly and RowSelect properties
  2. Go into the Columns property of the grid (i.e., click on the ellipses button for the property)
  3. Right-click on the column you want to set to a checkbox, and select Change Column Type…
  4. From the combo box, select Check, and OK
  5. Right-click on the column again, and select Properties…
  6. Make sure the Read-Only box is cleared
  7. For each of the other grid columns in turn, set the Read-Only property box to be checked (assuming you want the checkbox column to be the only editable column on the grid)

This is documented somewhere, right?

Yeah: Right here. 🙂